The Church

Here is a sample of some of our work. This particular job was on an historic church building in the area.

We handle all our jobs with great care, no matter how big or small.


The roofing materials used is Owens Corning “Duration,” 30-year Brownwood color roof material.


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This is the historic Catholic Church on Hebo Road in Grand Ronde. It came about as part of the influence of the French from the Hudson Bay Company from Qu├ębec during the early settler days of the valley.

The roof installation was accomplished by our company in the heat of the summer. It had one layer of wood shingles and a layer of wood shakes that needed to removed. We then applied new plywood sheeting and then the final roofing.



The church, built around 1885, had three foot centered rafters, an extremely wide distance by modern construction standards, which have 16 inches or two foot centered rafters. The large distance and relatively steep pitch made for tricky footwork when laying the plywood in place!